Breathwork Sessions:

"Jennifer lovingly & skillfully guided me on a journey through some tricky terrain. Body work can bring up intense feelings & strong reactions with me. Jennifer held space with care, compassion & a strong & palpable belief in my body's capacity to move through tumultuous moments, using breath as a beacon & guide. By the time the session ended a feeling of calm had seeped into me like nothing I had ever experienced. It was, without a doubt, exactly what I needed, & exactly how I needed it." - Ayelet


"Jennifer is a skilled and gentle and subtle healer. With the art of an artist, a royal astronaut, she and the breath took me to outer space to realize I'm here to accept and welcome whatever the universe/ god/ spirit has to offer me." - Anonymous


"Each time I leave breathwork with Jennifer, the giant knot of trauma and pain that I carry is a little bit looser. I am grateful for the healing space, the encouragement to let go, and Jennifer’s potent compassion." - Jesse


"I have worked with Jennifer a few times now for breathwork -- each time transformative, each time a new lesson revealed.  When I finish a session, I jot down the highlights, and I will let them speak for themselves: 

'call your energy back' 

'find joy in the resistance'

'I am deserving of release' 

'my body let go of everything it was holding onto' "- Andréa

Writing Workshops:

"Your workshops--honestly, you were so gentle and beautiful and inclusive and authentic. Everyone wrote, everyone shared. You could not have possibly done a better job."-- Seema Reza, writer & writing workshop facilitator

APOTHECARY & Hearbal COnsultations:

"The Trauma Heart Heal Elixir is amazing. I used to be such a crier. Then I started testosterone and it all just got stuck in my throat. I've been taking the elixir almost every day while on the road the last few weeks, and tears have found me again. Total backlog. I am grateful. Thank you." -- Oliver B.

"These tinctures are on point! But better than even the herbs themselves (which are amazing) is the comfort that comes from knowing they were carefully selected and crafted into a constellation of communal care specific to my needs and routine. Jennye goes beyond treating individual ailments and into the territory of a miasmic system in the making, to meet me in the break and on the mend. Corpus Ritual is that everyday magic on the ready!"-- TT in BK



"With almost no exceptions I've slept better and longer, falling asleep faster, than I have maybe ever. In general, I feel softer-- maybe not the best word to describe it, but the only one that seems right. I feel more emotional but I'm more OK being emotional...feel a bit less like hiding... I can't tell you how much I appreciate you listening to everything I said on the intake form, for reaching out, and for being a support. It takes a lot of tries, as you know, to find things that 'work' on longstanding issues. I am so grateful I'm feeling a difference. I never expect perfection, but the difference I've felt so far is nothing short of amazing. I do not recall, in the 1 1/2 weeks I've been taking these, thinking about suicide or needing to hit myself. That is huge for me." -- Anonymous (working with Build Back Up, Trauma Heart Heal, Get Some ZZZs & Ghost Pipe)


Interviewer: "Reina, I remember seeing on your Instagram the Give Less Shits elixir and I really liked the sound of that. What’s that about?" 

Reina Gossett: "It’s tinctures that my friend makes! The one I’m taking right now is called Build Back Up. I like the Give Less Shits elixir because it tastes really yummy, and it’s a reminder and supporter of not being invested in success or productivity. It’s really about not being in control of things." --Reina Gossett in Mask Magazine:



"Completely hooked on Sweet Sleep tea! So good for soothing nerves and easing me to sleep. Making it is my new before-bed ritual. Tastes delicious as well! I take Ease the Fuzz tincture with me everywhere, love taking it when I feel nervous or muddled before important meetings or public speaking. Really helps!"-- Britta


"I've been using Real Smooth Face Serum for a little over a month and it is a miracle.  I use it around my eyes, my laugh lines and forehead. It smooths all the fine lines and wrinkles. I apply concealer over it if necessary but I've noticed my dark circles are less dark and my eyes look brighter so I haven't used make-up as much. I've had a visible difference in wrinkle intensity - my lines are softer and more faint. I have extremely dry, sensitive skin and skin allergies and I've had no reactions to this product at all. As an extra treat I dab a little on my hands and nail beds to soften my skin once I've finished my face."-- Molly


"Thank you for real for these medicines. I have taken one or another of them every single day in the few months that I have had them. Before this I had never been able to be consistent with taking herbs, especially tinctures, I think because the store-bought ones can sometimes feel harsh or overwhelming, but all of the Corpus Ritual elixirs and tinctures I've taken actually feel nourishing and enjoyable while I am taking them. Their effects feel potent and balanced, and the blends and elixirs are actually targeted at what I need. I reach for them all the time, and take them with me when i travel.

Trauma Heart Heal, Ease the Fuzz, Ghost Pipe, and Sweet Release have been my favorite tinctures so far. They feel really effective, precise, and powerful. 

The color of the Ghost Pipe tincture, which is kind of a clear grey-blue with black flecks, is amazing, the taste is clean and fresh, and I can feel it working. The Trauma Heart Heal elixir really does feel heart-opening and releasing and sweet. I take a dropper of Corpus Ritual Elderberry Elixir every day that I teach. So far it's kept the viruses away for a semester and a bit.  

The Kava and Passionflower tinctures are very potent and effective, but smooth, not a sleepy sledgehammer like some other extracts of these herbs I have taken. I don't generally have issues falling asleep, so I've only taken these a few times but I could definitely feel the effects, and a little goes a long way.

We tore through the two medicinal tea blends from Corpus Ritual. They were so balanced, nourishing, and yummy. The Sweet Sleep Tea (skullcap, passionflower and peppermint) was calming without being soporific, and Need  a Lift, the more uplifting blend with rose, holy basil, hawthorn and oat tops was fortifying and such a palpable mood-booster."-- A


"In the process of weaning myself off tobacco I started mixing in Breathe Herbal Smoke Blend and what a pleasure it was! Mildly fragrant as it burns and very mellow and easy to inhale. Especially good replacement for tobacco in a spliff!"-- Alex