Pay It Forward 

I'm excited to create a fund to help support and sustain my sliding scale. I offer sliding scale and low cost care because I believe that we are in a Healing Industrial Complex moment where so much of the life-sustaining healing services are very financially inaccessible to lots of people. I offer herbal consultations and Breathwork 1:1 sessions from $50-140 and also reserve 2 $25 1:1 Breathwork spots per month for BIPOC/ queer/ trans/ low income/ sick & disabled** people. I also try to donate herbal remedies to as many organizing projects and social justice projects as I am able to. Each month a good portion of my sessions are in the lower and middle of my scale and I welcome that, knowing that the only way for sliding scale to truly work is if the top of the scale also fills out and offers some balance.

I don't receive outside funding to do this work and I don't have non-profit status. If I was charging full price in a way that would sustain me, personally, and sustain the work, I would be charging $120 flat rate, per session. That feels inaccessible to me, for many people and for many reasons and so I take some work at higher rates to help support and supplement this work and currently, I'm able to work out of a space a few days a month for free (which I imagine will change in 2018 as I'm needing to increase days later this year and will be looking at high rents in NYC). I'm someone who has benefited greatly from practitioners and therapists offering me sliding scale care and so in working this way, I'm hoping its an effort to pay it back and pay it forward, myself. I wouldn't be here, doing this work, without other people's generous and accessible care. Investing in each other and supporting each other in accessing care regardless of our financial status and in a culture where worth is tied up with financial "success" and affluence, is an incredibly radical act. 

For my sliding scale, I don't ask to see any "proof" of income; I rely on the honesty, integrity and accountability of those seeking my services and allow people the opportunity to self-select where they fall on my scale, using an income-model as a guide. I also truly believe that if people are coming to me and this work from a place of honesty, integrity and accountability that the healing possibilities and alignment is that much stronger. My rates are lower than many other practitioners because I think it's important to offer accessible care. I also know that when I am personally resourced properly, I am able to show up and give even more. I also am always continuously developing my skill set further and will be doing additional Breathwork trainings, Reiki attunements and additional trauma & PTSD study in the coming year, all in service of offering deeply skilled, trauma-informed care to the many communities I work with. My clients currently include LGBTQ people, BIPOC, members of a harm reduction clinic, people moving through substance misuse, members of sex worker communities, other practitioners who offer sliding scale care, Hasidic & Orthodox Jewish people and all of the overlaps and intersections, of course.

If you donate, you can know that your donation goes directly to supporting my growing healing practice, supports the lower and mid levels of the sliding scale, allows me to dig deeper, take care of myself and develop even more ways for people to access care at different financial entry points. Thank you thank you thank you so very much in advance for supporting accessible healing work. Thank you for helping me continue to poke holes in the Healing Industrial Complex so that more of us can access life-sustaining care and healing.

Pay It Forward


**coined by billie rain