is a three-pronged offering of Herbs (and Consultations),  Breathwork & Writing Workshops

The Apothecary:

Remedies in stock at Brooklyn Open Acupuncture

Remedies in stock at Brooklyn Open Acupuncture

I've been diligently working to bring you a collection of lovely elixirs, tinctures, teas, salves, bath salts, incense, and more. All herbs are organically grown and all remedies are handcrafted. Shop online or check below to see where Corpus Ritual Herbs are currently sold. In addition to individual remedies, I offer sliding-scale consultations for when you want to do some deeper work.

My herbalist practice is trauma informed. Providing trauma informed care means that our trauma(s) don’t just get a seat at the table; they are the table. Centering trauma in this way allows us to interrogate what our trauma is made of, how it shaped our experiences and how we are still, often, responding from the wounded places. Trauma informed care honors these wounded places, sees them as our greatest teachers and creates room to bloom as it seeks to support and stabilize traumatic response.

As a queer person who is dedicated to working with queer & trans people, my practice does not engage in the biological essentialism often found in other healing modalities and therapeutic spaces and works to offer support that is accessible on a number of levels. I also honor where people are at with their own experiences and work through a lens of harm reduction so if you are struggling with substance misuse and are looking for support, I would love to help.  I am committed to doing this work with a commitment to healing justice meaning that I believe we all deserve access to affordable, dynamic and high quality care.

I see herbs as powerful tools in supporting as as we work to shift and heal within ourselves and also in our communities. I am deeply invested in community healing and draw from years of experience in trauma and anti-sexual violence work, queer organizing, advocacy and activism. 

I invite you to create new rituals for your body; ones that boost immunity, nourish the nervous system and ease grief & the impact of trauma. Ones that allow you to stabilize energy or allow you to rest. I offer herbs for the everyday; herbs that inspire, focus on healing the body after and through trauma and help cultivate healing in what I believe is a lifelong process.  I believe that herbs are our allies. I believe that herbal remedies can aid us, sharpen our senses and return us feeling alive. I believe that herbs can help us re-imagine ourselves and our world at large. I believe that health and wellness should be available to all who seek them. I believe in accessibility, in transformation. I believe in self-care and compassion. 

I am also a practitioner through The Breathe Network and they offer a network of amazing sliding scale holistic providers to support survivors of sexual violence. Learn more here



Breathwork is a powerful active meditation (with roots in Pranayamic & Holotropic traditions) using a 2-part fast-paced breath. It's so helpful for connecting to your body (because we all know how hard that can be but how powerful when we can or do), moving stuck energy, opening your heart and connecting  to your intuition and embodied wisdom & memory. It is an incredible tool for moving through embodied traumatic experience, anxiety, depression, blocked emotional and energetic energy and so much more.

It's also for everyone, even if you have panic attacks, even if you have asthma, even if you experience chronic pain. (And maybe most especially.) You'll feel a sense of clarity, focus, creativity, some calm, connection to your inner and innate wisdom and more. I love Breathwork because it's literally rooted in you, your own breath and your very wise body.  It is a psychedelic and transcendent experience.

It is for sure BreathWORK but in a non-capitalist sense because you get all the benefits turned right back to you. We will start with a short conversation and then get into the breathing.  I'm there to guide you through the 75 minute session with the breath, oils, incense* & an energizing and introspective playlist and close with a little reflection. 

*Oils and incense can be removed for people with scent and/ or chemical sensitivity.              **Coined by billie rain


I offer sessions sliding scale but please do read a bit more about sliding scale to determine where you fall.

1-on-1 Sessions

  • $50-100 sliding scale
  • 2 $25 sessions per month for POC/ queer/ trans/ low income/ sick & disabled** people ( Please email me to see if I have sessions open for the month.)

*For small or large groups, corporate & special events, please email me for rates.

I work out of two spaces in Brooklyn, NY: one is my private practice and one is a Hasidic and Orthodox healing center. If my available appointments don't work for you, or if you prefer to do a session at home, I can also do outcalls/ house calls if you have a quiet and private space for us to work in. These sessions are offered at the top of the sliding scale to account for travel time and the flexibility. Please email me to find out availability and rates. 

Writing Workshops

I offer somatic writing workshops that are trauma-focused. In small groups we explore texts, utilize body-focused writing prompts and share our work with each other as we engage in conversation about writing as a tool for healing and connecting to our wise bodies. I've offered these workshops in a variety of places including LGBTQ centers, anti-violence organizations, harm reduction clinics, veterans hospitals and colleges & universities.  Please do reach out if you want to hear more about rates and discuss possibilities. My current workshops are listed here.

Additional Training & Experience:

2016 MA in Individualized Studies at Goddard College, thesis on translating embodied traumatic experience through somatic practices and critical and creative nonfiction.

2009 Rape Crisis Counselor Training, St. Vincent's Hospital for overnight on-call patient advocacy


2017 Breathwork Healer Training, Erin Telford

2016     Certificate of Completion, Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy, Andrew Tatarsky, The Center for Optimal Living & The New School for Social Research 

Corpus Ritual Remedy STOCKISTS

Brooklyn Open Acupuncture, 88 S. Portland Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11217

LoveisJuniper, 639 Vanderbilt Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238

Petra Rowan Rhines Massage & Bodywork, Montpelier, VT


I ship once per week, most likely on Friday, through USPS. Please contact me with any urgent orders or questions. I am currently only shipping within the United States. All sales are final but if for some reason your item is delivered damaged, please do get in touch and we will work it out!