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I believe in sliding scale rates because I truly want people to be able to access support in a way that is more equitable and in a way that dreams up ways to circumvent the capitalist underpinnings that are often present in holistic healing services. The Healing Industrial Complex* is a thing and I want to poke holes in it so you can climb in. 

I offer sessions sliding scale but please do read a bit more about sliding scale and see below to determine where you fall. After doing a lot of research I've found that market rates for a 1:1 breathwork session in NYC often run $180-200 per session. I respect practitioners individual choices and know rents in NYC are wildly high and I also want to offer sessions that will hopefully be more accessible and meet the needs of people who wish to try it out but can't afford the higher rates. I don't ask to see any proof and rely on your honesty and integrity when placing yourself on the scale. Sliding scale only works when the low and the high are balanced so thank you in advance for your consideration. Those with ample resources or access to resources are invited to pay at the higher end of the range to help support and sustain financially accessible work. If you have the means and wish to pay a little above the sliding scale, it will help support the low-cost and community work I do. Please email me for this option and thank you! After referring to my sliding scale chart and keeping this in mind, please choose what is appropriate for you for payment.

I also offer 2 $30 sessions per month for POC/ queer/ trans/ low income/ sick & disabled** people. Please email me before booking to see if I have sessions open for the month.

I suggest that you try out a few sessions so that we can go deep and you can get a solid sense of the work.

1:1 Suggested Rate Level According to Income:

$60 if you make $25,000 and under

$70 if you make $25 - $40,000

$80 if you make $40 - $55,000

$90 if you make $55 - $70,000

$100 if you make $70 - $85,000

$110 if you make $85 - $100,000

$120 if you make $100 - $115,000

$130 if you make $115 - $130,000

$140 if you make $130,000 and above

Note: Payment will be due at booking but you are able to cancel within 24 hours of the session, if needed, and receive your payment back. 

My session days are full with sessions back to back so please leave extra time for travel and arrive on time. If you are running late, please send me a quick email to let me know. If you are running 15 minutes late or more we will unfortunately have to reschedule, at an additional session cost. It's important that we are able to have a full session, to maintain the quality and integrity of the work we do together. 

*If you are pregnant, have experienced traumatic brain injury/ seizures, or experience retinal detachment, please consult with your doctor first. 

To book outcalls/ housecalls, please email me. 

**Coined by billie rain

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